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Ablewight chimney services
Ablewight is a chimney sweeping business in Cambridge that was founded by Bil Wight (Lisa’s dad) in 1980. 2 years later, things were so busy that Jan (Lisa’s Mum) joined and helped him run the business.

Bil went on to co-found the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, write the City and Guilds qualification for chimney sweeping and became a member of ESCHFOE (European Federation of Chimney Sweeps), where he worked to bring the standards from overseas into the UK to protect both consumers and chimney sweeps.

In 2015 Lisa became Managing Director of Ablewight, and after implementing a business, marketing and efficiency strategy, the business increased customer satisfaction and profit while simultaneously decreasing the number of hours it took her to run from 70 to 1 a week.
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Lisa wearing the original Ablewight branded jumper in 1989.

Hubbix is a professional tool for business coaches and advisers to endorse and enhance their services. It’s the first-of-its-kind business assessment tool which enables advisers to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities and to create clear action plans for their clients to follow. It ensures they can take a holistic approach to their advisory services while keeping clients on track to achieve their business goals efficiently and quickly.

Hubbix users report being able to ‘get to the heart of matters quickly’ with clients and that they’re saving ‘20-30 minutes after each client session’ because Hubbix streamlines the action plan creation.
Corivatia is Lisa’s incubator company. It’s where she tests ideas before fully launching them into the big world.

At the moment, Lisa is working on her anticipated first book, How to Live a F*ck Yes Life, as well as a few other projects which are top secret for now…
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Join the adventure to a F*ck Yes Life.

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