Lisa Wight

I'm Lisa.
Living My
F*ck Yes Life.

But life hasn’t always been like this; 17 years ago, I was a cocaine addict facing prison or death if I didn’t turn it around.

Today, I’m an entrepreneur, coach, SaaS founder & digital nomad from Cambridge.

The in-between is my journey to F*ck Yes.

I’ll always say hello to dogs, I’ve never drunk coffee, I’ve been alcohol-free since 2021, and I believe that integrity and positivity (but none of that toxic positivity BS, please) are the keys to a well-lived life.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I packed up my car with all my belongings, including my 11-year-old dog Tyler, leaving the UK for good to follow my long-awaited (15 years to be exact) dream of travelling the world.
But why did it take so long?

Well, things weren’t always so rosy.

I wanted to study law in America and become a human rights lawyer. But a series of wrong decisions took my life in a different direction. After ten years of bullying at school and home and 3 failed suicide attempts, I finally broke down at 14.

I began skipping school, taking drugs and getting in trouble with the police. By 16, my school expelled me after six suspensions. Fast forward to 19, and I was a full-blown cocaine addict living with my abusive drug-dealing boyfriend and was regularly stopped by the police for searches.

After a particularly violent altercation with my boyfriend, broken crockery covering the kitchen floor and him pinning me against the wall by my throat, screaming in my face demanding that I smuggle heroin from Germany, I suddenly woke up from a 5-year slumber – What had I done with my life? I’m either going to end up in jail or dead.

I escaped from him by leaving the country, getting clean from cocaine and finally returning to start university in 2007 to study Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

The degree was my opportunity to wipe the slate clean. So I threw myself into earning a First Class Degree while launching my first business providing marketing and admin support to SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises).

I went on to launch a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that achieved a 300% ROI and helped an organisation go from a 6% to 30% market share. Then, in 2015 I became the Managing Director of my family’s chimney-sweeping business.

70% of second-generation businesses fail. When I first took over, I worked 70 hours weekly at a 5% net profit margin. Within two years, after being inspired by Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week, I had transformed the company to spend 1 hour a week running it at a 33% net profit margin.

I then became a business coach and helped hundreds of other business owners achieve similar results, winning contracts 10x their average sales value, reducing working hours from 80 to 30 a week within two months, doubling their capacity and filling it, plus many more examples.

Throughout my experience as a business coach, I developed an assessment tool to enable me to analyse a client’s business and create action plans which we launched to the market as a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool in 2021. Hello, Hubbix!

Although I had always wanted to travel, personal relationships or my businesses had kept me physically in Cambridge. But in 2020, the pandemic brought about the acceptance of working online. It was the first time I had neither a business nor a relationship keeping me there. So it was time to seize the opportunity and leave the UK to see what else this beautiful world has to offer.

These days, you’ll find me travelling the world, living my F*ck Yes life and running my three companies.

We’ve only got one life, so why shouldn’t it be a F*ck Yes life?

We’ve got this 👊



Join the adventure to a F*ck Yes Life.

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